Jonathan Lindley: A Subversive Current or A Man Creating His Time?


Next up we caught up with a man who is keeping many plates spinning at once. Yes this one man is breathing life back into DIY, not only has he revived Sunbird Records he is also about to embark on opening the Sunbird Records Music venue with his merry band of men and women. This man has also helped to co-curate the artists who are appearing on the Sunbird Records stage over the moofest weekend. Ladies and gents without further ado i give thee Jonathan Lindley;

Who’s in the band and what do they play?

My names Jonathan Lindley and I play Electronic music.

What inspired you to make music?

I listened to IDM and wanted to make complicated glitch stuff, then I found breakcore and wanted to make fast beats, they’re both difficult to make, so I’m still learning.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music?

I tried to simplify everything, and in the process maybe the music’s a little less weird than it used to be, but I’m trying to add clarity so it makes more sense and cuts through sharper. The visuals are slowly developing and I’m finding more purpose in what I’m making.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Crumpets with raspberry jam, I’m not as hardcore as I think.

What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?

Food’s not as important as direction.

What’s the worst job you ever had?

JJB Sports, helping ‘right lads’ get the latest footy boot.

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

I’d knife as many ‘proper lads’ as possible.

What’s your favourite ride at the fair?

I probably wouldn’t go, I’m a misery guts.

Have you ever milked a cow?

Yes, the cow liked it, but I didn’t, it was awful.

What’s your favourite cheese?

A friend once taught me that a real cheese connoisseur learns to appreciate the worst possible cheese, the cheese single (only 10% cheese). If he or she can learn to love this they will enjoy all cheese’s.

What’s your favourite sandwich?


Did you have a nickname at school?

Jonny, schools tough so teach yourself outside of structured curriculum.

Have you ever written a fan letter?

No, my advice would be, don’t idolize anyone, you’ll only be disappointed, if you put heroes on pedestal’s you’ll never surpass them with practice and hard work.

What’s your most disgusting habit?

Not emptying my bins often enough.

If you were a domestic appliance what would it be?

A broken foldable ruler.

What’s your favourite word?

Heuristic — I spend a lot of time trying to convince people of their own ability/potential.

Tell us a joke?

What’s brown and sticky… a stick.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

A few years ago I would have said to ‘have fun’, now I’d say find purpose in your output, figure out who you are and what drives you, then don’t let anyone get in your way. I’ve been made to feel inadequate for as long as I’ve been attempting to communicate ideas, but I’m not giving up.

How can the moofesters get hold of your music?

Any last words?

Thanks for the opportunity to play again. I hope people realize how difficult it is to fight for independence and autonomy on ventures like Moofest, we can all be proud of the music scene we are developing. I am anyway. Cheers.

We salute you Jonathan and hope that Sunbird Records continue to go from strength to strength. Jonathan Lindley rightfully plays the Sunbird Records stage on 9th July, to buy tickets click here.

Jonathan Lindley — Meta from Sunbird Records on Vimeo.

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