Fogg Forecast For Moofest


Next up we meet Kris Fogg, be prepared to be surprised and shocked by his answers and forgive him for thinking at certain points this is a real quiz with prizes at the end or a serious interview with a music journalist – it’s not he has just been conversing with a highland cow via Facebook! Ladies and Gents meet Kris Fogg.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Kris Fogg & I am proud to say not only am I the uk’s only solo metalcore vocalist
I am also flying the flag for metalcore/hardcore music at this years moofest.

What inspired you to make music?
I was actually living in Darwen at the time with my ex and I started going to jam nights at the belgrave, I got into a really good rock/classic rock band with a couple of locals including (Simon Fort from Plastik Gangsta) and it was amazing, I later had a horrible breakup with my then fiance and just went on total destruction mode, left the band, left the area and sort of had this niggling feeling in my stomach & one day I decided right im not going to sit on my arse anymore im going to do something about it. I started screaming at people in bars all over the uk and still do to this day.

I have to name a couple of people in the industry that really inspire me to get on stage and still rip that shit up because I will kick myself and what kids out there to go check out good honest music not the manufactured bullshit in the charts so…..Sam Carter from the Architects ( one of the first rockstars I met and he is truly an incredible man and vocalist), Oli sykes from Bring Me The Horizon (I’ve seen Bring Me before they got fame with thats the spirit and there an truly insane band live) and finally I will go with Freddie Mercury from Queen ( I listen to certain live albums from Queen and my hairs stand up on end, a true rock/pop legend who was taken far too soon from this mortal curl)

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
Oh my god it has changed a shed load man, when I first started screaming I could get through maybe ¾ songs before blowing my voice out completely, Now I do 30-45 minute sets and just the other week did a set for 1 hour and ½ so I must be improving somewhat.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
I haven’t actually eaten any breakfast yet, as ive been having very weird sleeping breaks throughout the day due to my fiance being 35 weeks pregnant so you can say, This morning I have had a packet of large doritoes cool flavor…..(They were sat at the side of the bed as I went to the budewar early last night to do some work on the album)

What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?
Ahhhhhh man here come the hard questions……I would say chocolate shreddies…….they are pretty bad ass, Also golden nuggets…….THEY TASTE YEEEE HAAAAAA

What’s the worst job you ever had?
Any job i’ve ever had before singing full time I would say, I’m too energetic to be put in a suit and in an office….I piss people off way too easy, I once had a job for 2 weeks working for BT in Bolton. We were in the head head office where all the big bosses are, one guy gets up and does an inspirational Monday morning speech……I was the only one that got up and applauded after he had finished..

What’s your favourite ride at the fair?
Ahhhhh man yet another hard question I love the log flumes…..hate the ghost train (as i’m a gigantic pussy) but I would have to say the big big big roller coasters where the chances of you making it off alive are about 25% are my favorites

At this point of the interview I have to say if the answers to this interview do not get a 10/10 score Your going to have 1 hell of a complaint on your hands moofesters!!!

(This is the point where Kris firmly believes that he is on something like ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ with Chris Tarrant)

Have you ever milked a cow?
There is a clean way to answer this question & a rude way…….as its an all ages festival I will opt for the clean answer and say no… I have not milked a cow.

What’s your favourite cheese?
Now this Is my question!!!! Im a huge huge huge lover of cheese and will have to say by far my favourite cheese is smoked cheese…..I can eat it in blocks…. I do love all cheese though to be fare.

What’s your favourite sandwich?
I hate bread,… I just eat fillings like cheese and ham etc. Bread makes me feel sick.

Did you have a nickname at school?
I think I did have something witty like foggy or something equally as inventive.

Have you ever written a fan letter?
I have actually Last year I played a festival, I was like second from opening but the line up was one of the best line-ups ive ever been on. There was a lad in the corner of the barrier singing along to one of the songs I was doing……like he knew all the words man, so I lept over the barrier and got him involved in the show, giving him the microphone as I climbed up the rigging ext, though nothing of it, finished my set and got off stage. Anyways the next morning I have an inbox off this lads dad saying how much I had made his day by giving him the microphone and how he is severely autistic and thats the first time he had someone he was watching give him the mic or get him involved. So I wrote back and thanked his father and himself for the kind words and invited him to the next show I did.

The moral of this story applies to every musician out there in every genre, if you see people having a good time or singing lyrics back to you, interact, get em involved because that can really really mean something to someone and make not only there day but there week or month. We have the distinct priverlage of holding a microphone and standing over people entertaining them, if you have an energetic crowd who are wanting to be up there with you, get em involved man.

What’s your most disgusting habit?
Errrrrm I have a tendency to walk around the house naked, with the windows wide open……..

If you were a domestic appliance what would it be?
Who is thinking up these bloody questions hahahaha.
Ok I would be a fridge because I store all of Kris Fogg’s beers and alcohol.

What’s your favourite word?
Due to the word chosen by Kris we have not been able to print it – however he lays claim to using it to 20 times a day – I can’t believe he kisses the mother of his child with that mouth – naughty boy!

Can you think of a good poem about moofest?
I haven’t studied poetry for years so I will be pretty shitty at this question.

(Kris this question wasn’t about your education, come on!!)

Tell us a joke?
Now were on the really gritty side of music journalism! I don’t know any printable jokes if im honest, my favorite comedians are frankie boyle and jimmy carr. I would get kicked off the bill if I tell some of there jokes

(Gritty Music Journalism doesn’t he know that Bob Monkhouse once edited Smash Hits)

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
This is my question to shine on and the one I will be most serious in answering.
My career started as just a pipe dream, I got the odd gig here and there and went and played like it was my last, don’t do it for the money, women , drugs & alcohol. Do it because there is a burning desire in the pit of your stomach’s to really go out there and put on one hell of a show.

This business is tough man and I have my fare share of haters and people that think im a joke because I go up on stage and sing other people’s songs, what they don’t see is the performance side of it and how much energy goes in to holding a big crowd in the palm of your hands for 30 minutes.

Also please please please if your playing this festival turn up early and go watch some new exciting bands play, don’t turn up for your set and fuck off and leave because if you do that you will get such a shitty rep for yourselves and just piss people off. Go watch some bands, drink some beer , make some new friends. Contacts but most of all enjoy the here and now, be in the moment and put your all into the gig at hand. Who knows where you will be in a years time.

If you would have told me I would be where I am now 6years ago I would have laughed at you, but now im playing with big bands and im trying to do things the right way for ME, THE PROMOTER, and most importantly THE FANS. If you do things just for yourselves your setting yourself up for a fall.

How can the moofesters get hold of your music?
Well I have an album coming up at the end of the year, I do youtube covers in my spare time and im always gigging.

Facebook-,twitter,snapchat and youtube

Any last words?
Thank you guys so much if you read to the end and if your interested in coming to see what I do im playing on day 1 on the main stage. I’m a solo metalcore vocalist from a very very humble background and im traveling to come and entertain you the fans of underground/ unsigned music.

I won’t lie im extremely heavy, I have a tendency to swear but I will be toning that down if there are loads of kids about. Last year I climbed on the bar and backflipped off it, who knows what crazy shit I will do this year.

Also I have to give a huge shout out to my boys in Today They Are Older, Those guys are YOUR homegrown metalcore band. Get down and support em.

Also do not be afraid to come and approach me and come chat with me, on stage I put on a very intense very heavy persona off stage I’m extremely humble and proud to be apart of the festival.

Please Please Please like/share/follow/subscribe to my social media AND SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC MAN

Thank you so much for this opportunity

There we have it folks, genuinely one of the nicest guys you could meet and following an explosive set on the Cow Shed Stage at moofest 2015 we have invited Kris back to appear on the main stage on 09th July get your tickets here to make sure you don’t miss out on a truly explosive stage persona!!

Day #2 Line Up
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With Love From Moofest To You
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