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About Moofest

moofest is a community music festival that started in 2015. The weekend is organised, designed and curated by a team of just four like minded individuals who wanted to create a music festival experience which is affordable and gives something back to the musicians, artists and groups who take part in moofest.

What makes us unique is that the profit made from this festival will go back to the performers and artists who take part in moofest, something that we feel no other festival will do. We aim to create a ‘community’ around the festival; by this we mean that we aim to keep the same people involved, for example the bands, artists, stage and site decorators, sound guys etc.

Each year we hope to make the team bigger and better, which not only makes everyone feel involved in the festival, but it also means that “moofesters’ know what they are getting, what to expect and to be assured that they are entering a festival with an eclectic mix of sounds and visions with a warm friendly atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy their weekend.

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