Science Of Silence We’re Only Dancing (What’s This Silent Disco Then?)


So as many of you know we’re planning on having an after shed disco, but many of you are unsure exactly what it is. Well here’s some more details for you.

The main moofest festival site closes for 11pm due to our licence conditions, but we wanted to keep the party going as much as we could so we’re are having an after-shed silent disco between 11pm and 2am.

Why have a silent disco? – We have our neighbours to think about and we don’t want to be upsetting anyone hence why it’s silent. Hopefully this means we can put moofest on for many more years with the support of the local community

What is a silent disco? – Well it’s a little bit like listening to your I-Pod or Walkman except everyone else in the room can listen to the same music that you are listening to as well. So Basically we’ll give you a pair of head phones for the night and you will be able to control your own volume and choose what you are listening to.

We will have 6 DJ’s appearing between 11pm and 2am, all will be playing various styles from Pop, Indie, Funk, Soul, Electronic, Dance to Rap back again, and few other styles thrown in between.

I’m sure many of you will have seen or been to one before but for those who haven’t check out this clip below:

Silent disco’s are popular all over the world now and especially at festivals, you can even go to one up at The Shard in London, so why not experience the first ever one to take place in Darwen?

Line up so far:

Demented Disco –


Jordan Riding ( Naut) –

No entry to the silent disco will be allowed without a pre-booked ticket

Tickets are as follows:
Adult Day ticket with Silent Disco – £10
Adult Weekend Ticket – £15
Adult Silent Disco ticket £5

All available from

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