The Hardest Working Man In Blackburn?


It’s safe to say read on at your own risk, the hardest working man in Blackburn, meet The Working Man;

Who’s in the band and what do they play?

The Working Man – Vocals
Machine Wood – Bass
Junction 7 – Drums
Ray Danger – Guitar
White Baby Jackson – Synth/Mandolin

What inspired you to make music together?


How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

There was 3 of us now there’s 5, we’ve been breeding.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?


What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?

The Working Man doesn’t eat baby food.

What’s the worst job you ever had?
I once cleaned out the working grandads back garden that was covered in clothes, mud, toys and dog mess from a previous tenant for £20, not really a job but aye.

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Margot Robbie

What’s your favourite ride at the fair?

For £2 a ride they can get to chuff

Have you ever milked a cow?

No but as a kid I remember my dad living near a farm and I held some chickens n that, I also remember a bloke grabbing the chickens head and twisting it around and then pulling it off and the chicken ran down the street with no head, that was a strange day.

What’s your favourite cheese?


What’s your favourite sandwich?

Knuckle Sandwich

Did you have a nickname at school?

Aye, The Working Man Hardest Man In Blackburn

Have you ever written a fan letter?


What’s your most disgusting habit?

Licking blood off my hands

If you were a domestic appliance what would it be?

Biggest one, chuffin fridge or sumat.

What’s your favourite word?


Can you think of a good poem about moofest?


Tell us a joke?

As I slipped my finger slowly inside her hole. I could immediately feel it getting wetter and wetter. I took my finger back out and within seconds she was going down on me.
“I really need a new boat,” I thought to myself.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Learn more than four chords and do something different….. only kidding huns xoxoxoxoxo

How can the moofesters get hold of your music?

We have a free EP and an album available from the Bandcamp and I-Tunes We’re also on spotify if you give us a search.

Any last words?

Aye, I went wellibobs tother day and saw a pig and a cow that took mi fancy, do you do a meat hamper on the day?

Do you know what’s going on Moofesters? No neither do we, but what can do is guarantee you that The Working Man will be one of the most entertaining acts you will see at Moofest this year, but like we said at the start you do so at your own risk.

The Working Man appear on the main stage at Moofest on 9th July 2016, to get tickets visit

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