Darwen Get Ready Sunbird Records Venue Is About to Land

So with the May Bank holiday nearing us we are delighted to see that our friends over at Sunbird Records are opening their venue just in time for Darwen Live 2016.

We cannot tell you how excited we are that these guys and gals have made this become a reality. Knowing some of the guys and having watch from a distance it is truly unbelievable that a group or better still a community of like-minded individuals have taken an idea this far.

Sunbird Records was originally set up by Steven Lindley and 4 or so years ago had a re-birth under the brilliance of Johnathan Lindley and his friends. Since then the label boasts a rosta of varying genres with acts such as Today They Are Older, No Teef, Naut, Jamie Hamilton, Johnathan Lindley, Mattu, Steven Lindley and Plastik Gangsta plus it own promotions company in 1988 Promotions.

And now the guys have gone one step further and turned an old bank into a music venue where all this magic can come together for everyone to see. This is a dream that has been made by the like minded individuals at Sunbird Records spending every waking hour transforming the place into a music venue, we have dropped in on a couple of occasions and see first hand the amount of effort, blood, sweat and no doubt tears that have been put into this. All us at moofest HQ wish you all the very best in this venture and guarantee we will be regulars assuming we can get past the crowds to get in, good luck to all of you.

The doors open on Sunday 29th May 2016 and the line up is featured below:

Sunday 29th May
14:00 – Jamie Hamilton
15:00 – Ramsay Lohan
16:00 – All Hail Hyena
17:00 – No Teef
18:00 – Edgarville
19:00 – Today They Are Older
20:00 – Mattu
21:00 – Naut
22:00 – Flynn X Wanno
23:00 – Jordan Riding/John Riding (DJ Set)

Monday 30th May
14:00 – Steven Lindley
15:00 – Zeitgeist
16:00 – Paris
17:00 – Roosevelt Room
18:00 – Working Man
19:00 – Sky Valley Mistress
20:00 – Riggots
21:00 – Rick Baines
22:00 – Johnathan Lindley
23:00 – Naut (Dj Set)

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